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Over summer this year, we had the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine with Marty from El’more Wines while we indulged our senses. El'more Wines believes in story-telling through wine and is well known for crafting lo-fi, minimal-intervention wines with grapes from all over Victoria.

Marty, Tell us a little bit about you and your wine company…

We, meaning my wife Lauren Haynes and I own and run El’more wines. We make minimal intervention wine with a focus on storytelling. I was a musician first, so I delved into wine making with a creative vision. It's been about having fun, learning (a lot!) and trying something new, together. 

Which is your favourite parfum from the Mihan Aromatics’ collection and why?

Love the Petrichor Plains, it has an earthy, smokey scent. Something that could go well with a wood fire at home in winter. Or in summer to remind you of it.

Can you recall a specific scent memory that stands out to you?

I remember each other's perfumes from when we first met, the perfumes we wore when travelling together and I  could probably tell you exactly where we were and what we were doing. It can have such a strong nostalgia, and is always bringing up nice memories. 

How do different grape varieties contribute to the aromatic profile of wines?

Everyone's nose is going to pick up different things in wine, but with certain wines it is very obvious to tell them apart from each other. It's about the soil they were grown in, the climate and the grape variety itself. Some have oaky smells, some have floral, stone fruit, berries etc. It really just depends on the wine itself and where it has come from as well as the person trying them.

Tell us about the wines you are creating?

We're all about the natural-route process for our wine, we like to focus on the fruit coming in and not intervene too much, so our wines are all wild ferments and we do our best to individually process them to their best potential. Starting with the classics like Rose, Cabernet, Vermentino, and Syrah. Our first vintage kicked off well with the Vermentino and Rose. Dealing with the ups and downs of fruit sourcing, this year, we've gone for another round of Rose and added more Syrah to our Vintage. Our Rose is a beautiful straight pressed cabernet from Handpicked Wines in the Yarra Valley. On the nose is mandarin peel, peaches and cream and white floral notes. It has a big summer feel and taste with some acidity and nectarine and peach palette. Recommended for an afternoon barbecue.

We're keeping it low key, producing a max of 2-4 tonnes each year. Quality and experimentation is the focus for us as we dive into the third year of this passion project


What are your top sellers?

At the moment, we are moving a lot from our recent collaboration with Pass~Port which is the FUME BLANC, a zesty and summer ready Sauvignon Blanc - Roussanne. It's been a really fun project working with the PP studio and not only working to a brief but putting our heads together to come up with something we all loved. We sold out of our Vermentino and Rose last year in a few months. So this year we have made double the amount of Rose and want more people to be able to get their hands on it.

What wines should we be buying?

These are our favourites we have had this summer and hopefully they are still up for grabs! 

Patrick Underwood Wines - 2021 Nebbiolo 

Bobar Wines - 2016 Gamma Ray (We may have had the last one but it's worth a mention, this wine is insanely good!)

Adams Evening - 2018 Dry Cider (But don't let the Cider title fool you too much)

Domaine Renaud Boyer - 2020 Bourgogne "Les Riaux"